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Mansfield: 150 Years of History

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From 1891-1894 the northern section of the 1874 structure was removed to allow the incorporation of the North Wing into the central portion of the building where the atrium or “well” is located. By 1894 the North and Central parts of the building as we see it today were finished. The expanded atrium joined the new north wing of the building with the original 1874 central portion of the original building. Electricity was also installed in 1897.
                The southern portion of the building was not completed until the early 1900’s, due to a lack of funds. In 1908, the rest of the 1874 structure was torn down. By January 1909 the first three floors of the new south wing were occupied, and by summer of 1909 the construction of the new south wing was completed. 3
 The 270x 100 foot, seven- story structure housed the women’s dormitory, an elegant oak dining room for 500 (located where the children’s library is today), kitchen, bakery, infirmary, fraternity rooms, suites of rooms for the art and music departments, reception rooms, principals/faculty quarters etc. The rooms in the attic on the 7th floor served several purposes over the years, one of those being musical practice rooms.
The final touches to the building were completed by 1911. A raised walkway was built connecting the 3rd floor of the south wing to the Alumni Hall, South Hall and the Gymnasium, where Manser dining hall is today. A grand stairway, creating an entrance to the first floor,  was also built on the west side of North Hall at a cost of $1,800.
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