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Elliott Part 3

Elliott wrote a ground-breaking book in 1912, The Important Timber Trees of the United States. According to an Agitator article reviewing the book Elliott argues that any trees planted in the vast deforested areas should be economically viable instead of the slow-growing hemlock. He suggested the faster growing white pine.

Demonstrating a concern for future generations, Elliott, who was 82 at the time, pointed out that forestry will continue to be important to the county for the next 60-70 years. In fact, lumbering is still vital in Tioga County.

During the same year, Elliott returned to Mansfield to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Mansfield’s Normal School. During that time, Elliott again contributed to the legacy of the school.

Part of Mansfield University’s diversity policy comes from a statement Elliott made in 1912. “Strive to make education universal; that the rich and the poor, the child of those who have power and place, and of those who tread the lowly paths of life, shall receive alike the blessings of education ... and invite equally and alike, without distinction of sex, or color, or race, or creed, or party, the children of all who may desire to participate in the opportunities here offered. That is the highest purpose for which Mansfield may be praised,” Elliott advised.

Even though he had moved away, Tioga County thought of Elliott as one of their own. In 1911, the Agitator called him “Tioga County’s Grand Old Man” and lamented that he could not live to be 400 years old.

“Mr. Elliott is now in his 82nd year. He is the most remarkable, versatile and useful citizen of his years that we ever knew,” a reporter.  Simon B. Elliott passed away on June 17, 1917 in Reynoldsville. A quarter century after his passing, Elliott was again “called into service.” During the Second World War, the Navy built inexpensive Liberty Ships to deliver supplies and war material to Europe.The Navy asked for the names of important deceased Americans to be used as names of the Liberty Ships. The S.B. Elliott, hull #1802, served its country well.

In 1997, Mansfield University honored this remarkable man by renaming the old Home Economics Center Simon B. Elliott Hall in his honor.

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