Mansfield University of Pennsylvania

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Mansfield: 150 Years of History



Reverend Landreth resigns, and Reverend Holt succeeds him under some protest.


April, Rev. Edwin Wildman succeeds Rev. Holt as principal of the Seminary.

Joseph S. Hoard organizes a company of volunteers to prepare for the Civil War called the Tioga Mountaineers. Mansfield Soldiers Aid Society holds dinner for the Mountaineers in the Seminary dining hall before their departure to Harrisburg in late October.

Simon B. Elliott in the State Legislature in January offers the resolution upon which the State is finally, in April to arm the state militias to protect and defend the Union.

The Civil War begins!   

Edinboro is recognized as a State Normal School.

John P. Charlton of Philadelphia invents America's first postcard. Julius Sturgis opens America's first pretzel bakery in Lititz, Pa.


S.B. Elliott makes application for Mansfield Classical Seminary to become a State Normal School. It is accepted in December as the third state normal school in the 5th District of Pennsylvania.

Battle of Antietam occurs with 23,582 American casualties. Both sides lose an equal number of men.

Mansfield borough passes an ordinance prohibiting the piling of waste in the streets, hitching horses to shade trees, shooting fire crackers or guns, horse racing, and driving or leading horses or cattle on the sidewalks.


Reverend Wildman ceases to be principal, and Reverend Taylor assumes the job for a period of one year.          

The Battle of Gettysburg takes place with over 50,000 casualties.

The Honorable John Magee loans Mansfield State Normal School $6500 to help with its debt.


July, Professor Fordyce A. Allen becomes principal of the Normal for a period of five years.

The first student organization, The Normal Literary, is organized at the school.

April 22, "In God We Trust" appears on U.S. coins for the first time.


The Civil War Ends on April 2nd.  The 13th Amendment is ratified. President Abraham Lincoln is assassinated just six days after Lee's surrender.

Lewis Carol publishes Alice's Adventure in Wonderland.


Kutztown is recognized as a State Normal School.

Lizzie Ames is the first graduate of Mansfield State Normal School, along with 14 other students.  Sarah Woodruff is the first graduate to pass away -- one month after graduation.

Mansfield Normal's first gymnasium is built.

Mary Walker becomes the only woman to receive the Medal of Honor for her work as a Civil War surgeon.


Mansfield's Soldiers Orphan School is organized by Fordyce A. Allen.

The St. James Episcopal Church is chartered.

The Normal School baseball team plays its first game ever against a Wellsboro team.

U.S. purchases Alaska from Russia for $7 million.

Gustave A. Dentzel builds the nation's first carousel in Philadelphia.


Prof. Allen builds large home directly across from the Normal school on Academy street.

The Normal School Alumni Association is organized and holds its first reunion at the home of Prof. Allen and his wife in the fall.


Professor Allen steps down as principle in the spring. Prof. J.T. Streit assumes position, but would pass away in November. Prof. Charles Verill assumes the post.

Mart King started his Furniture Factory.

The Suez Canal Opened on November 17th.

Transcontinental Rail Service begun in the United States.

The Athenean Literary Society is organized at the Normal.

The Waffle Iron is patented by Cornelius Swarthout.