Mansfield University of Pennsylvania

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Mansfield: 150 Years of History



The St. James Church was built on a large lot donated by Dr. J.P Morris.


The Bank building is built on the south east corner of Main Street and what will become Rt. 6

West Chester is recognized  as a State Normal School.

The Mansfield State Normal School Alumni Association charter is signed.

Sarah P. Lewis, a graduate of the Normal, becomes the first female county school superintendent in the state of Pennsylvania.


The new methodist church opens on the corner of Rt.6 and North Academy Street. S.B. Elliott designed the building. The first normal school graduation held off campus is held in the church.

The first Arbor Day took place on April 10, 1872 in Nebraska. It is the brain child of Julius Sterling Morton.


The Normal Literary Society hires Susan B. Anthony to lecture at Mansfield.

The newspaper Mansfield Advertiser begins publishing in January.

The Pitts Bros. store is built on the south west corner of Main Street and Rt. 6

The new Orphan School Building is built on the Northwest corner of Main Street and Route 6.

Shippensburg is recognized as a State Normal School.

Prof. J.N. Fradenburg is elected Principal of the Normal.


The Ladies Dormitory is built at the Normal at a cost of $15,000. It will soon be named North Hall.

A typhoid epidemic, caused by a contaminated well, hits the Normal School, resulting in the death of several students.  

California is recognized as a State Normal School.

Charlie Ross of Germantown, age 4, was the first picture of a missing child to be used in America.


The Presbyterian Church is built at a cost of $1350.00.

Indiana is recognized as a State Normal School.

Prof. Charles Verrill is elected Principal of the Normal for a second time.


The Battle of the Little Big Horn is fought in Montana.  It will become known as "Custer's Last Stand."

Tioga County celebrates the United States Centennial in the town of Tioga.

Reconstruction ends.

President Hayes removes federal troops from the South.

Alexander Graham Bell invents the telephone.

Root Beer is introduced by a Philadelphia druggist, Charles E. Hires.


The first street lamps are erected in Mansfield.

A track for racing horses is built on Island Park, which is today's Smythe Park.

The Smythe Park Association is organized.

Lock Haven is recognized as a State Normal School.

Thomas Edison invents the phonograph. 

Prof. Fordyce A. Allen is again called to take over control of the Normal School.


The Allen block is constructed on the corner of North Main and East Wellsboro Streets.


Thomas Edison invents the electric light. 

The first of many of the Great Mansfield Fairs occurs in Smythe Park.