Mansfield University of Pennsylvania

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Mansfield: 150 Years of History



The new Mansfield High School is built on West Wellsboro St. on the west side of the railroad tracks. 

Professor Fordyce A. Allen dies February 11th from injuries received while working on his Brooklyn St. farm the week before. It is a devastating loss to the town and schools of Mansfield. Prof. J.C. Doane assumes the role of Principal for the remainder of the school term. Prof. Dennison C. Thomas is elected Principal for the fall term at the Normal.


President Garfield is assassinated.


U.S. Standard Time begins on Nov. 18th at noon to replace 56 separate time zones then in use in America.

Thanksgiving is made an official holiday: "I Chester A. Arthur, President of the United States, do designate Thursday, the 29th day of November, as a day of National Thanksgiving.


Clarion is recognized as a State Normal School.

Alumni Hall is built between the North and South Halls. It is named for the Alumni Association. The cost of the building is $25,000. The Alumni Association purchases a school bell for $550.


The second of the school's gymnasiums is built directly behind South Hall for $7,000.

The new Brick Baptist Church is built on the corner of North Main and Sherwood Streets.

The Opera House on E. Wellsboro St. is under construction.

The first school band is organized at the Normal.


The great flood of '89 affects large portions of Pennsylvania including Mansfield, flooding much of the town.

Slippery Rock is recognized as a State Normal School.