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Sociology & Anthropology Students Present Research

Shelby and poster

Sierra Blake and Shelby Dunning accompanied Dr. Jan Purk and Dr. Tim Madigan to the Eastern Sociology Society's Annual Meeting held in Boston, MA, March 17-20, 2016.  Both students presented their research in a poster session.  Shelby Dunning (pictured left) won the award for Outstanding Poster.  Her work was titled "Media's Influence on Body Image." 

 Sierra with posterSierra Blake (pictured right) conducted her research on "Relationships and Family Structures.

Sociology & Anthropology Students Receive Degrees

Grads sp 2015

Six sociology/anthropology students received their degrees at Mansfield University's 150th Commencement held on Saturday, May 9, 2015, at Karl Van Norman Field.  Congratulations to the class of 2015:  Allen Copp, Stephanie Crane, Krystal Cunningham, Sarah Fluck, Samantha Mertz and Chelsea Smith.

Showcase of Student Scholarship, 4/22/15

Relationships and Family Structure

(Sierra Blake). 
This project examines if students from divorced parents have unhealthier relationships.



AllenAttitudes towards Homosexuality on a Small Rural University Campus
(Allen Copp)
Students were surveyed to find out what kind of exposure, negative or positive, towards homosexuality they had while growing up.  The difference between how safe those students who identify as homosexual and those who identify as straight feels, proves interesting.

KrystalMedia's Influence on the Self-Image of Students on a College Campus
(Krystal Cunningham)
The purpose of this research is to see how the increasing amount of media viewed by students has impacted their self-image.


Media's Influence on Body Image

(Shelby Dunning)
What constructs our idea of beauty?  What is it that makes us feel whether or not our own body is beautiful?  I hypothesize that the more media people are around, the more likely they are to have a negative attitude towards their body.


The Influence of Parents' Outlook on Children in their Adult Life

(Samantha Mertz)
This research examines individuals' experiences with positive and negative parenting in their upbringing through a quantitative research questionnaire collected at Mansfield University.  Research findings overall support the conclusion that socialization in one's family environment influences current behavior patterns.

 IsaacRace and Education
(Isaac Nixdorf)
The project focuses on explaining the proposed theory stating that receiving a college education makes an individual less likely to support racist practices and ideologies.


Family Life and Work Spill Over

(Chelsea Smith)
The research focuses on the spill-over effect in a small community.

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