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Student Organizations

SOCIAL SCIENCES CLUB (Sociology/Anthropology Club)

Advisors: Dr. Robert Clark (207 Pinecrest, 570.662.4482) & Dr. Tim Madigan (200 Pinecrest, 570.662.4488)

Aimed at enriching students' knowledge of and experience with the social sciences, the club also acts as the informal social hub of the program. Each semester the club plans trips and activities and screens films intended to enrich students' awareness and understanding of the social sciences. Activities in recent years have included trips to China, New York City, the State Museum in Harrisburg, Centralia, Meadowcroft Rockshelter, and Grave Creek Mound, WV. In addition, every semester the club offers opportunities to participate in various fundraising activities. In 2011-2012, the club will bring a New York-based performer to campus for his lively performance of the life of Karl Marx. Get involved!


Advisor: Dr. Janice Purk (203 Pinecrest Manor, 570.662.4486)

A chapter of the Pi Gamma Mu international honor society was reestablished at Mansfield University in 2005 after an absence of more than twenty years. Its purpose is to honor those who have attained excellence in a social science major. The Kappa chapter is very active and has received the highest honors for service from the international offices for the last four years. Pi Gamma Mu seeks to foster higher standards of academic excellence and high levels of service to the campus and the community. Students have raised money for a homeless shelter, the battered women's shelter, the Mansfield Senior Center as well as been involved in the cancer society's Relay for Life. To be eligible, students with majors in Social Work, Sociology/Anthropology, Political Science and Psychology must have completed at least 60 semester hours, 30 of which must be for social science courses, and achieved an overall QPA (Quality Point Average) of 3.0.

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Advisor: Dr. Robert Clark (207 Pinecrest, 570.662.4482)

Kenshinkan (meaning: training hall of sincere devotion) began in the spring of 2009 as an offshoot of the Japanese Club, Kendo (Ken=sword, do=way), which evolved from the battlefield techniques of the ancient samurai, is the way of the Japanese sword. Members wear the traditional training clothing known as hakama and gi and carry a bamboo training sword known as a shinai; more advanced members wear bogu, protective armor that makes kendo one of the safest of all martial disciplines. Kendoka - those who practice kendo - perform numerous drills in order to improve form and spirit. Kendoka also spar in order to detect and strengthen weaknesses in their technique. There are four basic cuts which may be made against an opponent: head (men), wrist (kote), ribs (do), and throat (tsuki). Training involves not only physical aspects but also learning the courtesies and formalities that go along with this highly ritualized (and extremely fun) sport. Kendoka are training in aspects of Japanese culture and language, as well as the single-minded meditative focus of zen practitioners. So far the club has attended friendship practices at Cornell University, and in the spring of 2011, attended the annual Harvard Shoryuhai (Rising Dragon) tournament held in Cambridge, Mass. In addition, the club holds a brief training camps each August, which involves intense meditation and practice, as well as a more relaxing activities such as hiking, barbecues, and watching Japanese films relevant to the spirit of kendo. Though training is intense, athletic ability is not required at the outset as skills and conditioning will be developed through time. All that is required to succeed in kendo is the ability and willingness to apply oneself persistently to self-improvement through training in the principles of kendo. Meeting times/location: Tuesdays and Fridays, 7-9 PM (subject to change), Kelchner LL01.


Advisor: Dr. Robert Clark (207 Pinecrest, 570.662.4482)

The Japanese club fosters an appreciation of Japanese art, media, language, and culture, with a special focus on screening popular Japanese animation and live-action films. Members also receive some training in the language, sample Japanese foods, and participate in cosplay events as well as fundraising. This year, the club plans to visit an anime convention in New York City, a trip that will also feature visits to the art galleries and culture events at the Japanese Heritage Foundation, the Japanese collections at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and an authentic Japanese bookstore.


Advisor: Dr. Robert Clark (207 Pinecrest, 570.662.4472)

Less a club than a support network facilitating volunteering at Partners in Progress, a Mansfield-based organization that works with socially and physically challenged adults. Volunteers at Partners may select from a number of venues, including working in the residential house dayroom, leading or participating in small-group or individual activities, or assisting in the manufactory. Clients benefit by developing and enhancing basic life and vocational skills, improving quality of life and self-esteem. Past volunteers have acclaimed working at Parents in Progress as fun, challenging, and most of all, rewarding. Volunteer to change someone's life!