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Sociology Minor

Sociology is the scientific study of human social behavior and social organizations. Sociologists examine the processes and patterns of interaction between individuals, groups, societies, and nations. They seek to explain how social forces influence individual behavior, the organization and behavior of social groups, and their interrelationships. Sociology focuses on empirical investigation of social facts, critical evaluation of information, and professional presentation of results. It also includes the development and advancement of sociological theory. Therefore, the Sociology minor provides both intellectually stimulating materials and practical training that compliments the goals of other fields and benefits the future career success of students. The Sociology minor is especially recommended for Criminal Justice, Public Relations, Marketing, and Social Work majors.


  • SOC 1121: Contemporary Social Problems
  • SOC XXXX:  SOC electives by advisement (12 sh)
  • SOC 1101:  Introduction to Sociology