Welcome to the Mansfield University Assessment Web Page. This page has been created to assist faculty and staff with assessment efforts in all aspects of curricular, departmental and program development.

Assessment is the systematic collection, review, and use of information about programs –educational and other - undertaken for the purpose of improving student learning and development and delivery of services. The outcome of effective assessment is supporting and improving curriculum and services so that our constituents’ success is insured. Therefore, engagement in assessment practices at our institution is ongoing and threaded throughout all aspects of our environment.

Assessment moves us toward accountability to ourselves and our constituents. It is not merely about what we provide in terms of education and service (inputs), but centers on a concern for what students actually learn, do and achieve through our offerings (outputs). Assessment asks us to ask the questions “Is what we provide effective, responsive to constituent needs and in alignment with institutional goals and objectives? How can we achieve and maintain excellence in our work on behalf of our constituents?”

Assessment focuses on operational effectiveness, student learning and program improvement. Assessment is NOT directly an evaluation of individual faculty members, university staff, or students, though such evaluation may be a natural consequence of this process for those dedicated to excellence. Assessment is NOT simply collecting and reporting information. It is a tool for facilitating conversations, providing feedback about the educational impact of student programs (both academic and co-curricular), and bringing about change based upon that feedback. Assessment is NOT student grades, faculty or course evaluations, or part of an accreditation process that goes away when the accrediting teams leave. Assessment is a process to improve program effectiveness that focuses on student learning and development.