Advising Tips

Academic advising assists students in developing educational and career goals.

When students matriculate (declare a major) in the Business & Economics department, they are assigned a Business/Economics faculty member as their primary advisor. An Advisee List is posted outside the Business Office. All students should make sure that they know their academic advisor.

Students should maintain a copy of their Degree Audit/Program Evaluation which is available through WebAdvisor.

Ultimately the responsibility for academic choices rests with the student. Students should make sure they understand the General Education requirements (see the General Education section of the Undergraduate Catalog for more information)

Student Checklist for Planning Course Scheduling:

  • Schedule any required 090 courses in the first year of study

  • Make sure classes are scheduled which meet the General Education requirements of the University

  • Check the number of credits required for graduation against the number of credits you have completed. Make sure you understand the number of semesters and the course loads required to complete the degree at the designated time.

  • Check your overall QPA - you need a 2.00 to graduate

  • Check your QPA in your major courses - you need a 2.00 average in these courses to graduate

  • Develop a plan of study for completing the major.

  • Be sure to discuss plans for using the free electives available in your program with your Academic Advisor. Free electives are opportunities to enhance your education.