Why Study Business?

A business degree is one of the most sought after educated degree in the United States for new students as well as those who are already employed. The innumerable number of employment opportunities available in the public and private sectors make business degree a challenging and highly rewarding choice. A business degree graduate earns an average starting salary of $48,000.

Why choose Business Program at Mansfield University of Pennsylvania?

Over the next decade, the changing economy will draw on a variety of occupations, each requiring a unique set of skills. Building on a core of business courses, the Business Administration degree at Mansfield University features a sequence of business related courses while allowing students the flexibility to specialize in specific areas of interest.

Here you will be able to:

  • learn a new perspective about Business and Financial decision making
  • develop and run your own small business
  • better understand Finance and Investment
  • develop internet marketing skills and better understand Global Marketing
  • critical thinking skills developed in business and economics are highly valued by employers
  • find decent paying jobs

The Business Administration Degree at Mansfield University

The BA degree provides training in the essential business fundamentals of accounting, management, marketing, finance and economics, business law, leadership, ethics, and project management skills.

Mansfield University BA degree allows students flexibility in concentrations:

  • Accounting: general and advanced levels of study
  • Marketing: general marketing and e-commerce
  • Management: general management and project
  • Finance: general finance and managerial finance
  • Economics: micro/macro and managerial economic

Business Majors Entry Level Careers

  • Accounting – Tax accounting, banking, insurance or cost accounting, corporate compliance, financial planning, credit analyst, purchasing agent
  • Business Administration: small manufacturing firms, medical business management, construction, property and real estate, sale manager, retail management, service management, insurance companies
  • Economics and Finance: managerial analysis/forecasting , stock exchanges, banks/credit unions, risk management and financial information firms, brokerage firms and personal finance, and international trade companies.
  • Marketing, E-Commerce: advertising and promotions, sales and general marketing, real estate. Internet marketing positions, human resource public relation.
  • Personal Small Business and Entrepreneurship: enhancement of personal small business, development of small business, small business consultant.

Business Majors Earnings Potential

Areas of Concentration    

Starting Salaries       Mean Earning 
Financial Management         38,480                         72,030 
Accounting and Auditors       38,720                         66,100 
Management and Marketing37,43066,700
  • Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor.
  • Statistics available at www.bls.ov/oco/oco1001.html#management
  • Upper end salary are determined by superior academic record, experience and/or advanced degree.

The American Entrepreneur is hard working, and innovative

  • Small business will lead our economic recovery. New start-ups and existing small business will be the major employer.
  • Many new jobs will require different skills its important to constantly learn new-skills.
  • The virtual workplace is here to stay, Tele-commuting open numerous opportunities
  • Free-agency, and independent contracting will become a accepted norm in the business world.

Business Administration Degree at Mansfield University

  • Allows students to pursue a general business education and concentrate their studies in specific area of interest.
  • Prepares you for potential career in business.
  • Prepares you to begin the next step in starting a small business.
  • Develops a variety of skills required in our rapidly changing business environment.

Business Administration Degree

  • Provides entry level access for many business related areas of interest.
  • Allows for rapid advancement to upper level of management and marketing.
  • It is the initial stepping stone to acquire an MBA

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