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Internship opportunities arise all of the time in the Business Department; please keep an eye on the bulletin board in front of the office door, room 106. Internships are a great way to gain experience, take a look at what you might like to do, size-up potential employers, AND get college credit. Many business internships are paid. Also, meet with your academic advisor, many faculty have developed community connections that may work for you. Your advisor is the best source for how to go about obtaining an internship for academic credit.

Students must have at least 60 credits earned by the semester of an internship.

An Internship experience is an option in each of the bachelor degree programs in the Business & Economics Department and is a valuable component of each educational program.

What constitutes an Adequate Internship Opportunity?
How Does a Student arrange an Internship?
How will Internships be graded?
How can a Student find an Internship?

What constitutes an Adequate Internship Opportunity?

Internships will be limited to places of work that meet the following three criteria:

  1. The work assigned to the intern must be professional in nature, non-repetitious, and require the employment of academic skills to complete.
  2. The internship must take place in a proper institutional setting. The sponsoring company or agency must be able to provide the intern with a professional work environment and the opportunity to interact with other professionals.
  3. The on-site supervisor will need to be qualified to provide professional training to the student.

How Does a Student arrange an Internship?

Students interesting in completing an internship should consult with their academic advisor to discuss internship possibilities. Once an agreement is reached with the academic advisor that the proposed internship meets the criteria for an adequate internship, and the time & number of credits of the internship has been determined, the student registers for the Internship course. To register, complete an internship form, which is available on the Student Registration and Financial Services website . All internships must be approved by the department chairperson and the Provost.

How will Internships be graded?

A passing internship is one in which the student fulfills the requirements for the internship as outlined by the Faculty Advisor. This includes the time requirements for the internship, the demonstration of good work habits at the place of the internship, and written documentation of the internship as required by the Internship Advisor.

How can a Student find an Internship?

Formal internship programs exist in Harrisburg, including:

  • Legislative Fellowships that place students with the House of Representatives and
  • Capital Semester Internships that place students in State Agencies.

Numerous internship opportunities exist in Washington, DC. with federal agencies.

Internships are available in the Mansfield region with county government, non-profit organizations, and local companies.

Many internship opportunities are listed in Community Jobs which is posted on the department's bulletin board and are periodically listed in the department newsletter.

Students are encouraged to seek out suitable internship opportunities in their local areas.

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