Brass Band Camp

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2015 Brass Band Camp


Brass band photoThis is a side-by-side camp. Students will get opportunities to play side-by-side with members of the Mansfield University Brass Band in all settings – full band rehearsals, chamber ensembles, sectionals, and master classes. The focus on this camp is the traditional brass band – experiencing the unique sound of the brass band, gaining exposure to a wide variety of brass repertoire, and engaging in an overview of some of the history and common practices of traditional brass bands. Campers will spend up to four hours each day in brass band rehearsals, as well as time working with faculty and staff in master classes, sectionals, and chamber ensembles. The finale concert on July 15 will feature the full brass band as well as a variety of smaller brass ensembles. Campers, faculty, and staff will also have an opportunity to perform solo repertoire at the camp solo recital, Tuesday, July 14.


Students interested in attending the Mansfield University Brass Band Camp must submit an audition video via YouTube. For those who do not have access to brass band instruments (cornets, tenor/alto horns, etc.), please use the instrument you normally play on (trumpet, French horn, etc.). A link to the YouTube audition video should be included on the student's registration form at the time the form is submitted with the $75.00 deposit.

Instructions for submitting YouTube audition videos:

1.Video-record yourself playing the following:

a.One "technical" solo excerpt, exercise, or ensemble excerpt demonstrating your technical facility on your instrument. 16-32 measures.
One "lyrical" solo excerpt, exercise, or ensemble excerpt demonstrating your lyrical playing. 16-32 measures.
Two major scales – 1 flat key, 1 sharp key – over your range.
Two minor scales – 1 flat key, 1 sharp key – over your range.

2.Save your video using your full name as the title.

3.Create a YouTube account:
Click on "sign in"
c.Follow directions to "create an account"

4.Upload your video to your account. Be sure to select "unlisted" in the video settings.

5.Copy and paste the URL of your video onto your registration form.

Placement auditions will be held during check-in on Sunday, July 12, 2014. All campers should be prepared to play some sight-reading excerpts provided by the camp faculty.

Brass Band Instruments:

Campers will utilize instruments commonly found in traditional, British brass bands. This means that trumpet players will play cornets (and, possibly, flugelhorn), French horn players will play alto horns (sometimes referred to as E-flat tenor horns), euphonium players will play both euphonium and baritone, and tuba players may get to play E-flat tuba.  Campers who own (or have access to) these traditional brass band instruments are encouraged to bring those instruments with them. Mansfield University owns a full complement of these instruments. Traditional brass band instruments (cornets, alto horns, baritones, E-flat tubas) will be made available for campers to use in the full ensemble. Campers may also have opportunities to play their own instruments (trumpets, French horns, euphoniums) in small chamber ensembles (quartets, quintets, etc.). All campers should bring with them the instrument that they regularly play.

Note regarding treble-clef parts:

ALL BRASS PLAYERS (with the exception of bass trombone) read transposed treble-clef parts in a traditional brass band. Low brass campers who are unfamiliar, or less-experienced, with this practice should prepare with trumpet etudes or solos - utilizing "trumpet fingerings" (i.e., open C's). Trombone and euphonium/baritone players should note that reading B-flat, treble-clef trombone parts in visually very similar to reading tenor clef parts. While this is not a requirement for participation in the camp (bass clef parts can easily be made available), reading treble clef parts is highly recommended.

Camp Staff:

Dr. Nathan Rinnert, Assistant Director of Bands, Mansfield University

Nathan RinnertDr. Rinnert is the Music Department Chair and Assistant Director of Bands at MU where he directs the MU Brass Band & Symphonic Band, co-directs the marching band, teaches the tuba studio, and serves as an instrumental music education specialist. He will be conducting the camp band, teaching master classes and sectionals, coaching chamber ensembles, as well as coordinating administrative aspects of the camp.

Camp counselors are selected Mansfield University music majors and will also serve as teaching staff by assisting with master classes and chamber ensembles. Counselors will also play with the band. The counselor to camper ratio is about 1:5.Campers and counselors live in the campus residence halls and eat in the campus cafeteria.

For more information contact Dr. Nathan Rinnert at or call the Music Department at (570) 662-4710.

Brass Band Camp

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Required Consent Form
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Dates: July 12 - July 15, 2015

Ages: 14-19

Residential Fee: $475
(includes instruction, all meals, & lodging)

Commuter Fee: $425
(includes instruction, lunch, & dinner)

Non-refundable Deposit: $75
(Required at the time of registration along with the Student Recommendation Form)

Balance of Payment Due:
June 29, 2015

Check-in: Sunday, July 12, 2015 from 3-5 p.m. in Residence Hall

Typical Daily Schedule
(subject to change)

Camp Performance:
Final concert will be held Wednesday, July 15, 2015 at 4:00 pm. in Steadman Theatre