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Courtney Hull, Campus Minister
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Courtney Hull, Campus Minister

(570) 662 - 4431
Facebook: Courtney Hull

Mrs. Courtney Hull, Certified Campus Minister, has been a part of the Mansfield family since 2001. Courtney's journey in ministry began as an undergraduate at St. Bonaventure University (SBU), a Catholic, Franciscan college in western New York state. While at St. Bonaventure, Courtney studied biology and theology and was active in campus ministry. Her service work at a student run soup kitchen, with children and also as an RA at SBU, led her to Philadelphia where she spent two years as a full-time volunteer at an inner-city soup kitchen called St. Francis Inn. In May of 2008, Courtney earned a second degree from St. Bonaventure so she holds a B.S. in Biology/Theology & a M.A. in Franciscan Studies. Courtney loves to laugh and talk with students about anything and everything. She also enjoys reading and spending time with family, friends, her husband Patrick and her dog Finnegan and her cat Elvis.


United Campus MinistryLocal Clergy from Mansfield will be available for programming and
also to cover some office hours. To set up an appointment, please call
(570) 662 - 4432

Explanation of the Cross (Our Logo):

The cross on our logo is a "living cross". Coming from El Salvador, the cross's form tells us of Christ's commitment to and in Christ, responding to individual and personal needs, nurturing the spiritual journey in solidarity with all God's people and integrating life and faith. Join us in our study, action, search and celebration!

UCM's Prayer Room

Stop by for prayer, meditation, some quiet time, whatever you need to refresh yourself!

114 Pinecrest
We are open all day, every day.

(If you can get into Pinecrest, you can get in the prayer room).  

See Courtney for more info.

Please feel free to join us anytime.