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Canadian Studies Minor

Why take Canadian Studies?

Why should you consider taking a Canadian Studies Minor? For some there may be practical reasons since BA students are now required to either take a Minor or complete an intermediate level of foreign language studies. There are other practical aspects to be considered. Since the Minor in Canadian Studies is interdisciplinary, you may be able to fulfill requirements for your Major and the Minor by taking One course for both requirements. The basic course in Canadian Studies--CDN 1101 INTRODUCTION TO CANADA--can be used to fulfill your General Education Elective requirements, whether or not you decide to minor in Canadian Studies.

How will Canadian Studies help me in the future?

More importantly, taking the Canadian Studies minor can give you a step up on your peers when you graduate. We are rapidly moving toward an hemispheric, and, eventually, a global economy. It is becoming increasingly important to understand multicultural environments. The nation of Canada exists as a model of multiculturalism and global understanding. In 1999, the Free Trade Agreement between the United States and Canada will be fully implemented, and this will provide opportunities for citizens of each country to move more freely across the border. Students graduating in 1999 and the years following who have some working knowledge of Canadian society, politics, and culture may find themselves with more opportunities than their peers.

What can I expect while studying at Mansfield?

Mansfield University is the lead university for the State System in Canadian Studies. We have developed a Canadian Studies Resource Center, present a number of cultural and academic events each year with a Canadian focus and are actively engaged in attempting to find study opportunities and internships in Canada for our students. We have recently instituted the formation of CLUB CANADA for students, who through membership will have the opportunity to travel to Canada, to experience its culture, to understand its people. From the Blue Jays to the ballet, from visiting Parliament to hanging out with students at a Canadian university, the opportunities are endless.

What are the requirements?

You must take the core course--Introduction to Canada--and either the Selected Topics course in your final year or complete an Internship. Additionally, you will be required to take four more courses from a variety of disciplines, many of which can also be used to fulfill your General Education requirements or the requirements of your Major. Of these courses one must come from the disciplines of Art History, English, French, History, Music, Philosophy, or Women's Studies, and one must come from the disciplines of Anthropology, Business, Communications, Economics, Geography, Journalism, Political Science, Social Work, or Travel and Tourism. The remaining two courses are open to your interests. The final requirement is that you maintain at least a 2.5 grade point average in Canadian Studies.