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Taiqi and Qigong Workshop March 2nd 3-5p.m.

Posted by Amy DeLozier for February 23, 2013


Taiqi and Qigong


Taiqi is a Chinese system of slow, meditative physical exercise, designed to build strength and relaxation in the body and the mind.  In China, many martial artists study taiqi to bring control and calm into their quick fighting techniques.  But most westerners practice taiqi for inner peace, focus, energy, balance, stress relief and body control.


There are several ways to translate the word taiqi.  A good one  is “balanced energy”.  The “qi” in taiqi is the Chinese word for the life energy we all have inside us.


People who play taiqi usually  enjoy  exercises drawn from a  large family of Chinese health practices called qigong. Qigong simply means “life energy practice”.


Karen Meyers has been playing taiqi for fourteen years.  She plays the Yang 24 Posture Form, the Yang 10 Posture Form, the Yang 108 Posture Form, The Sun Form, Taiqi Qigong, Swimming on Land Qigong, the Dao of Dragon Qigong, and Wild Goose Qigong.  Her principal teacher was Jingshan Tang, founder and director of Philadelphia's Oriental Fitness Institute.  She also studied with Philadelphia teacher Angel Chiango, Albany teacher Jiang Jian-ye and international teacher Roger Jahnke.  She is certified to teach by  the Institute of Integral Qigong and Taiqi and the American Taiqi and Qigong Association.


Karen teaches at the Deane Center for the Performing Arts in Wellsboro.


For the 2 hour March 2 workshop in Mansfield, she will teach two short sequences,  the Dao of Dragon Qigong form in hour one and The Yang 10 posture form in hour two.  Both forms are suitable for beginnners, although more advanced players can enjoy them as well. 



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