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Biology Students Needs Help to go to Africa

Posted by Christie Martin for April 6, 2013

De'Ana Grogan is a Biology Major and an Honors Association Member. She is planning a journey to volunteer in Africa, through the African Conservation Experience. She will be helping Wildlife and furthering her education. The trip costs $9,000 and while she has been fundraising for a while, she only has half the amount she needs. The "Get De'Ana to Africa" group is holding an Earth Day Lottery Raffle in an effort to raise the balance of the funds necessary for De'Ana Grogan's once in a lifetime chance. The potential grand prize for this raffle is $5,000.00. Half of all proceeds collected go to the fund to get De'Ana to Africa, the other half goes to the holder of the winning number. This is a non-attendance event and participation is easy. 10$ Per Ticket. Call, Text or Email De’Ana to get raffle tickets.  570-463-3301: Email:,  

Or visit the group's Facebook page to learn more.


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