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Surplus Day here at Mansfield University*

Posted by Jason Welch for April 6, 2013


Mansfield University
Surplus Day
In an attempt to help save some additional $ dollars $ and be environmentally conscientious, we are going to hold an Surplus Day here at Mansfield University.
            What:              Unneeded Office Product Donation
When:             Thursday April 25th, 2013
Where:            2nd Floor Alumni Outside Bookstore
Over the course of many weeks, months, and years, everyone at the University has acquired office products that are no longer needed or used. Often these items occupy closet, cabinet, or desk space in our work areas. These products could be put to better use by someone who needs them. Please consider donating your unused items.
**Please donate only personal items. Items purchased with Mansfield University or the Commonwealth of PA funds should NOT be donated!**
We are requesting that all faculty and staff do a little office clean up and collect any and all excess office products that you no longer use or need and bring it to The Brooks Maintenance Building Purchasing Department on April 18th- April 24th. If you are unable to drop off the supplies, you may request for them to be picked up. 
On April 25th from noon (12:00pm) until 4:00pm any University STUDENT is encouraged to come to Alumni Hall (in front of the bookstore) to go through the donated supplies and take with them any office products they can use.
Also, during finals week we will be holding a second collection day. This time we will be collecting unwanted items from students. Often students dispose of a lot of useful items when they are moving out at the end of the semester. If students have unwanted or unused items that another student could use, please consider donating those products.
At the beginning of next semester any University student is encouraged to come to the designated place at the designated time (we will have an official time and place early next semester) to go through the products and take with them anything that may be needed that was returned by another student.
This is a great way to recycle product, save money, clean your area, and have some fun. It also gives you a chance to tidy up your office and make more efficient use of the space you have.
Please contact Vincent Bisogno with questions We look forward to your support for this program.


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