Recipients 2009-2010

The faculty members in the Education and Special Education Department would like to extend their congratulations to the following students for their achievements.

Nancy Evans Sabo Award Mary J. Nance
Corinne L. Miller Scholarship Tiffany D. Pilling
Mary McInroy Sheffer Scholarship Kimberly A. Zechman
Marilyn Melhuish Elementary Education Scholarship Emily A. Arnold
Waunita Simonson Price Book Award Sarah A. Bull
Albert J. Crispell Scholarship Kimberly A. Zechman
Michele A. Towers Memorial Scholarship Amy L. Mahonski
Joseph C. Ashkar & Lois E. Ashkar Scholarship Jonathan M. Hoffmeier

Outstanding Senior Nominees

 Ashly L. Weidner  BSE EE
 Noell C. Haldeman  BSE EE (AT-Large)
 Hilary E. Travis  BSE SE
 Colleen A. Gabriel  BSE SE (At-Large)
 Mary J. Nance  BSE EN