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Teri Doerksen

Degrees: B.A. Willamette University; M.A. University of Colorado at Boulder; Ph. D. University of Pittsburgh

Major Interests and Activities: Eighteenth-century British literature, Victorian literature, gender studies, comparative religious studies, national identity studies, political history, Disney film, science fiction.



Chair, Department of English and Modern Languages

Degrees: B.S. Appalachian State University, B.A. Coastal Carolina University, M.A. Western Carolina University, Ph.D. University of Nevada at Reno.

Major Interests and Activities: Composition and Rhetoric, Rhetoric of Education, Environmental Literature, Mountaineering Literature.

HARRIS, Andrea

Andrea Harris 

Degrees: B.A. University of Vermont; M.A. SUNY-Buffalo; Ph.D. SUNY-Buffalo.

Major Interests and Activities: 20th Century British & American Literature, Literary Theory, Women's Studies, Gay & Lesbian Studies.

Recent Publication: Other Sexes: Rewriting Difference from Woolf to Winterson (Suny Series in Feminist Criticism and Theory (Paper)

LINT, Brad


Director of Composition Program

Degrees: B.A. University of Pittsburgh; M.A. Indiana University of Pennsylvania; Ph.D. Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

Major Interests and Activities: World Literature, Chinese Language and Literature, Contemporary Multicultural American Literature, Nineteenth-century American Literature, Film. 


Lynn Pifer

Degrees: B.A. University of Illinois; M.A. SUNY-Buffalo; Ph.D. SUNY-Buffalo.

Major Interests and Activities: American Literature, African-American Literature, Women's Literature


Louise Sullivan-Blum

Degrees: B.A. College of Wooster; M.F.A. University of Iowa Writer's Workshop.

Major Interests and Activities: Creative Writing, Women's Studies, Gay & Lesbian Studies, Film.

Recent Publications:  Amnesty: A Novel and You're Not From Around Here, Are You? A Lesbian in Small-Town America


John Ulrich

Degrees: B.A. University of Maryland; M.A. SUNY-Buffalo; Ph.D. SUNY-Buffalo.

Major Interests and Activities: Literary Theory, l9th Century British Literature, Postmodernism, Cultural Studies. 


Edward Washington

Degrees: B.A. Bucknell University; M.A. Boston University; Ph.D. Boston University.

Major Interests and Activities: Shakespeare; Renaissance Literature; African-American Literature; Literature and Current Events.



  • Died: November 2012
Major Interests and Activities: Creative Writing, American Literature

Degrees: B.S. Moorhead State University; M.A. University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Ph.D. University of Denver.


  • Retired: Spring 1998

Degrees: B.A. Texas A&I University; M.A. and Ph.D. Louisisana State University.

Major Interests and Activities: Victorian Literature, The British Novel, Canadian Literature, Canadian Studies, Theatre, Honors Program, Elderhostel.

BLAIS, Ellen

  • Retired: Spring 2002

Degrees: B.A. Indiana University; M.A. University of Chicago; Ph.D. SUNY-Binghamton. 

Major Interests and Activities: Medieval Literature, Informal Essay, Short Story Writing, Garden Writing and Women's Literature.


  • Retired: Spring 2000

Degrees: B.S. University of Pennsylvania; M.A. Columbia University; Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania

Major Interests and Activities: Renaissance Literature, Radicalism in Literature, Censorship, Rare Books, Freedom of Expression Issues.

See the site describing his 1999 Uniniversity of Pensylvania Press book Bookleggers and Smuthounds: The Trade in Erotica, 1920-1940. See also his website about Obsatcles to Freedom of Expression at Colleges and Universities Today

GLIMM, James

  • Died: August 2000

Degrees: B.A. The College of the Holy Cross; Ph.D. University of Texas.

Major Interests and Activities: Folklore, Romantic Literature, Professional Writing.

HINDMAN, Kathleen

  • Retired: Spring 1999

Degrees: B.A. Valparaiso University; M.A. Louisiana State University; Ph.D. Pennsylvania State University.

Major Interests and Activities: Modern British Literature, The Novel, Mythology, Creative Non-Fiction Prose Writing, Curriculum Development.

KOLOSKI, Bernard

  • Retired: Spring 2004
Major Interests and Activities: l9th Century American Writers; Polish-American Writers. 

Degrees: B.S. East Stroudsburg University; M.A. University of Pennsylvania; Ph.D. University of Arizona. 

Recent Publications:  Awakenings: The Story of the Kate Chopin Revival (Louisiana State University Press) and Bayou Folk: And a Night in Acadie (Penguin Classics)


  • Retired: Spring 2014
  • Email:
  • Home Page
  • Degrees: B.A. Fordham University; M.A., Ph.D. Ohio State University.

    Major Interests and Activities: Nature Writing, Environmental Studies, Medieval English Literature. Member, Environmental Studies Committee

    Essays: Stinging Barbarians

    RASHIDI, Linda Stump

  • Retired: Spring 2014
  • Email:
  • Degrees: B.A. College of Wooster; M.S. Syracuse University; M.A. Central Michigan University; Ph. D. Michigan State University.

    Major Interests and Activities: Linguistics

    SANDERS, Walter

    • Retired: Fall 2005

    Degrees: A.B. Washington University; M.S. University of Wisconsin.

    Major Interests and Activities: Neo-classical Literature, Creative Writing, Department Chair. 

    SANNER, Kristin

    • Died: August 2013

    Degrees: B.A. Penn State University, M.A. University of Scranton, PhD Binghamton University--SUNY

    Major Interests and Activities: Nineteenth-century American Literature, Women's and Gender Studies, and Autobiographical Narratives. 

    SORNBERGER, Judith

    • Retired: Spring 2013

    Major Interests and Activities: Women's Studies, Poetry Writing, Native American Literature, Creative Non-Fiction Prose Writing

    Degrees: B.A. University of Nebraska; M.A. University of Nebraska; Ph.D. University of Nebraska.

    UFFELMAN, Larry

    • Retired: Spring 2000

    Degrees: B.A. Illinois Wesleyan University; M.A. University of Illinois; Ph.D. Kansas State University.

    Major Interests and Activities: Victorian Literature, Development of the English Language, Textual Analysis, Bibliography, British History, Russian History.