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Mission, Goals, & Student Learning Outcomes


The English Program of the Department of English and Modern Languages provides students with the opportunity to study and develop life-long interest in the appreciation of literary works from a variety of cultures and with the opportunity to develop their skills as writers in a variety of genres. Acquisition of skills in writing coupled with the knowledge of literary critical methods and our literary heritage gives students a keener insight into human life and society, a principle goal of a liberal arts education. Understanding the form of expression in literature is essential to a full realization of our hopes, values, and convictions. As liberally educated persons, we seek not only to perfect our powers for intellectual thought, but also to refine our powers of perception, to encourage creativity, and to foster an appreciation of the aesthetic dimensions of life and culture so that we come to recognize the significant imaginative expressions of the human spirit.

Program Goals

  1. English graduates will demonstrate that they understand and can employ the techniques of textual analysis and interpretation.
  2. English graduates will demonstrate that they understand and can employ humanities-based research methods.
  3. English graduates will demonstrate that they can write clearly and effectively.

Program Outcomes

Students who successfully complete an English major will demonstrate their:

  1. Ability to interpret texts critically, evincing an increasing level of competence from the introductory to the senior level.
  2. Ability to situate literature and language in various contexts, including literary, cultural, and historical.
  3. Ability to conduct library research with effective use of print and electronic sources.
  4. Ability to understand writing as a process, to assess rhetorical contexts, and to revise written work effectively.
  5. Ability to conform to the prescriptive rules of standard written English.
  6. Understanding of and their ability to use the structure of the English language.

Policies and Procedures

The Department of English and Modern Languages also offers minor programs in African-American Studies, Creative Writing, English Literature, French, German, Spanish, and Women’s Studies. Students may wish to complete a minor in order to add additional content emphasis to their course of study. In planning a course of study, English majors must consult with their English faculty advisor on a regular basis. English B.A. and B.S.Ed. students will compile a portfolio of their written work to serve as evidence of their progress through the English curriculum and for the purpose of program assessment. The portfolios consist of the following:

  1. The final essay from ENG 1130: Introduction to Literary Studies
  2. The major essay from ENG 3352: Shakespeare
  3. A substantial revision of an essay written for an earlier English class for ENG 3333: Advanced Writing for English Majors
  4. The final research essay from ENG 4401: Seminar in Literary Studies
  5. The writing lesson plan assignment from ENG 3324: Composition Theory and Practice (BSE only)
  6. A record of performance on the final exams in ENG 2225: English Grammar and ENG 2226: History of the English Language (B.S.Ed. only)

Students will submit their portfolio essays electronically to the department chair. The English Program Assessment Committee reviews completed portfolios annually to assess the effectiveness of the English degree program.