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Kate Chopin, Godmother of Modern American Women’s Lit.

Awakenings: The Story of the Kate Chopin RevivalKate Chopin Part 1: Dr. Bernard Koloski, professor emeritus at Mansfield University, is one of the pre-eminent scholars of 19th century writer Kate Chopin. Dr. Koloski discusses Chopin’s life and works and his role in rescuing her from obscurity. Today, she is recognized as one of America’s great authors. Dr. Koloski is the author/editor of five Chopin books, including the most recent, Awakenings: The Story of the Kate Chopin Revival.

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Bernard KoloskiPart 2: Bernard Koloski has been writing about Kate Chopin for over thirty years. A professor emeritus of English at Mansfield University, he is the author of Kate Chopin: A Study of the Short Fiction and has published editions of Chopin’s At Fault, Bayou Folk, and A Night in Acadie. Dr. Bernard Koloski continues his discussion on Chopin and her relevance in 21st Century American life and literature.

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Harriet Jacobs, 19th Century Civil Rights Pioneer

Harriet Jacobs articleHarriet JacobsPart 1: Harriet Jacobs grew up as a slave, enduring sexual abuse from her owner until she escaped by hiding seven years in a crawl space. After she fled North, Ms. Jacobs wrote her autobiography and became a driving force in civil and human rights. In Part 1 of Harriet Jacobs, 19th Century Civil Rights Pioneer, Dennis Miller talks with Dr. Lynn Pifer, Mansfield University professor of English and director of the Frederick Douglass Institute. Dr. Pifer discusses Ms. Jacobs’ early years and her drive to escape slavery at any cost.

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Part 2: In Part 2 of Harriet Jacobs, 19th Century Civil Rights Pioneer, Dr. Lynn Pifer talks about Ms. Jacobs’ adult years, her travels, her role in the abolitionist movement and how her autobiography was rediscovered after decades of obscurity.

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Fredrick Douglass, Civil Rights Pioneer

Fredrick DouglassPart 1: Fredrick Douglass is a name well known, but how much do we really know about the man himself? Dennis Miller speaks with Dr. Lynn Pifer about Douglass and his influence on American culture and his impact on our society today.

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Part 2: In Part 2, Dennis Miller continues his conversation with Dr. Lynn Pifer about the Civil Rights Pioneer, activist and author, Fredrick Douglass. She also speaks of her love and interest in African American literature.

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A talk with Poet Judith Sornberger

Judith Sornberger

Open HeartDr. Judith Sorberger’s poem, Pioneer Child’s Doll, has been used in an unusual and very exciting way. In this episode, Dennis Miller speaks with Judith about this Grammy nominated experience. They also discuss experiences that led to some of her other published poems.

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Convocation Speech Fall 2009

Dr. Linda Rashidi

Dr. Linda Rashidi, Mansfield University professor of English, was guest speaker at MU’s Fall ‘09 Convocation. Her speech about taking charge of your life and learning from the natives is entitled, “What a Liberal Education tells us about ourselves, Slavery and the Art of Resilience.”

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The Raven - A Conversation with Dr Barton and A Reading by Dr Ulrich

Bruce Barton

John UlrichAs part of National Poetry Month, Dennis Miller speaks with Dr. Bruce Barton about Edgar Allan Poe and his narrative poem ‘The Raven.” They discuss the theme of the poem, Poe’s life, and the inspiration he left behind after his death. The discussion includes a reading of the 1845 poem, delivered by Dr. John Ulrich.

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Washington on Obama - A Life of Change

Episode 1: Dr. Edward Washington, a professor of English, speaks with Mansfield University Public Relations Director Dennis Miller on the topic of Barack Obama. They discuss what the election of Obama means to society, the United States and the World.

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Episode 2: In Part 2, Professor Edward Washington continues to talk about the issue driven presidential election. Dr. Washington also speaks of a character in Literature that best approximates Barack Obama. Class novels mentioned include Marrow of Tradition and Black No More. Mansfield University Public Relations Director Dennis Miller hosts.

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Black History Month - The Story of a Culture and a Man

Dr. Ed Washington, associate professor of English, talks about the evolution of Black History Month and it’s importance not only to the country but to his own personal growth and identity. This is part 1 of a two-part series.

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Black History Month - The Story of a Country and a Man

Dr. Ed Washington continues his discussion of the importance of Black History Month to the country and his own personal and professional growth. He also talks about its importance in relation to presidential candidates Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

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Conversations: Monsters

Townsfolk tried to kill Frankenstein's monster with pitchforks and fire. Dracula spent centuries trying to find a home … and fresh blood. Zombies are shot, hacked, and beaten, but they keep coming back for more.

Dr. John Ulrich, professor of English at Mansfield University of Pennsylvania, talks to Dennis Miller about how he is trying to bring some empathy to the world of monsters with his "Monster Lit" course at Mansfield University, Mansfield Pennsylvania.

Beginning with the Greek monster Medusa and other myths, Dr. Ulrich stalks and dissects the tales of these often misunderstood creatures through history. Through classic books and film, Dr. Ulrich tracks the evolution of monsters, beginning with Grendel in Beowulf through Frankenstein, Dracula and the classic film Night of the Living Dead.

Conversations: Zombies

When Dr. Lynn Pifer's article, "Slacker Bites Back: Shaun of the Dead Finds New Life for Deadbeats," was included in an anthology of essays about zombies in literature and pop culture, Better Off Dead: The Evolution of Zombie as Post Human (Deborah Christie and Sarah Juliet Lauro, Fordam UP, 2011), Dennis Miller invited Dr. Pifer to join him for a Conversation about zombies in folklore and film.

Here, Dr. Pifer discusses our obsession with zombies, from the slow moving zombie slaves in Haitian folklore to the brain-eating monsters from Hollywood film, and the surprising reaction students had when she announced that she was using Shaun of the Dead in her Freshman Composition class.

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