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Dave Empet

Dave Empet

"It has to be a passion ... "

Dave Empet is the Assistant Director of Admissions at Mansfield University, but that's not nearly all he does. Since he was approximately thirteen years old, Dave has had a flagstone production company. Originally started with the hope of having enough money to by video games, the company has grown and even paid for Dave's college education. Despite being young and unable to sign the forms for the proper machinery (his parents had to sign for him when he first started out), Dave decided to take a risk and start up this business, knowing it would be worth it in the long run. He learned the skills he needed to know from his cousin.

His advice for student entrepreneurs; "Your business won't make it far if you think it's just a job. It has to be a passion. You have to be focused, committed, and you have to be willing to sacrifice a lot."