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Peter Keller

Peter KellerAs the Provost of Mansfield University, Peter Keller knows a lot of students. Few students, however, know that he began a publishing company with a friend in 1980 called Professional Resource Press. Trained in psychology, the two of them decided to begin a company to publish more books based on an understanding of mental health aimed at psychologists and mental health professionals. At that time, books on this topic were few and far in between. Keller and his partner didn't know a lot about publishing, but they saw a need in the market and decided to take a chance. They ended up writing or editing some of the books they published. Their first project went on to be a selection of the month by a large psychological group. About ten years after beginning the business, Keller left to work here at Mansfield. His original partner still runs the business.

When asked what advice he'd give to a student thinking about becoming an entrepreneur, he said, "Do your homework." If you have an idea, test it with a lot of people to make sure it really is something that is missing in the marketplace. Make sure you understand the marketplace you're delving into, and plan out how to deliver the product.

"Do your homework"