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Create a Management Plan

The Mangement Plan

The Management Plan section of the Business Plan specifies how your business will be run. It includes defining the business structure, business ownership, the organization structure and key managment personnel, and additional items such as staffing and human resource managment. This is the section that will describe

Online Tutorials

Online Resources


  • Business Law Lounge - (‘Lectric Law Library)   Research basic legal arrangements.  Free forms. Upgrade to paid content. 
  • - Find a lawyer. Info on virtually all lawyers in practice.
  • - A virtual law library at your fingertips.  Info on  a vast array of legal topics. Find a lawyer.
  • Free Patents Online - Search patents and patent applications online for free.
  • US Patent and Trademark Office - Encyclopedia of information on the process for patents, trademarks, and intellectual property (IP). 

Organizational Management

  • Society for Human Resource Management - Information on human resource management that will affect your business.  Links to consultants.
  • My Own Business - "Business Structure" This is part of a business planning assistance site. Good discussion of the merits of various forms of business structure.
  • Ask About.Com - Straight forward description of the 6 forms of business recognized by the IRS, and how they affect taxation.  
  • Ask About.Com - Overview on management issues and approaches in business
  • - A blog discussing many aspects of business management. Tips. Stories. more