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Create a Marketing Plan

The Marketing Plan

There are may definitions for "Marketing", but in general, it is the activity and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, and connecting customers with products and services. The Marketing Plan is the part of an overall business plan that defines products to be sold, the product features, pricing, packaging, distribution and retail strategy to be used to sell the product. The Marketing Plan will also characterize the target customers who need or would value the product, estimate the size of the market opportunity, project sales, and specify the promotional tactics planned to generate sales.   The marketing plan will also identify competitors and identify the strategy to be used to compete in the marketplace.

Online Tutorials

Try these resources to help write yor marketing plan:

Online resources


  • Guerilla Marketing Online - Lots of articles and sage advice on developing a guerilla marketing program.  Tips and hints on many business start up topics.
  • Sell It! On the Web - A series of articles that tell you how to sell on the web and about e-commerce.
  • Markify  - Check on names.  Instantly find out if a name is already used for a business, .com or .org.
  • InterNIC - Check availability of domain names and register a domain name you choose.
  • E-Commerce Research Room - More than 1500 reports and resources to succeed at e-marketing.

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