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Make a Financial Plan

The Financial Plan

The Financial Plan of a business determines how a business will afford to achieve its goals. It will describe the cost of all resources necessary to start and operate your business, where the start up funds will come from, detail revenues generated by the business at specific times and project the overall financial performance of your venture. The three basic documents for managing the finances of a business, and for communicating a financial plan included in the overall business plan, are the Income StatementBalance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statement. A start up business plan will also often include a 'Sources and Uses of Funds' statement.

Online Tutorials

Try these online tutorials to help you develop a financial plan for your business:

Online Resources

  • CPA Finder - Find local CPAs with this tool.  Tips on small business bookkeeping, taxes, and more.
  • Go Big Network - Online community of investors, startups, and small businesses. Tools, tips, sources of funding.  Post a funding request.
  • GE Finance - Offers customer financing and more.
  • Funding universe - A matchmaker between seekers of financing and willing lenders, small up to$3mm
  • - Directory of investors, including angel, VC, and more. Connect with investment opportunities.  Business plan section as well.                 
  • CrowdFunding - Relatively new and growing way to seek financing:  many individuals commit smaller portions of your funding needs and together, fund your business.
  • - More info on how to succeed at crowdfunding:
  • IRS - Get forms, tips, and small business tax information