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Business Planning Resources

The Business Plan

Business Plan is the document that summarizes your business: what your business will be and how you will accomplish that. It is actually a collection of plans for operating, marketing, managing, and financing your business. A well developed business plan is essential if you are seeking financing. It is recommended as a way to guide your business decisions. Whether you need financing or not.

Want to make a Business Plan? Try these online on-demand resources:

  1. "Crafting a Business Plan"
  2. "Developing a Business Plan"
  3. "Strategic Planning and Execution"
  4. "Write a Business Plan" (from Step 1: Plan Your Business on the SBA website)
  5. Or try the free "PlanWare Tutorial"

Online Resources for Business Planning

Business Plan Center - Examples, tools, and much more to  help write a business plan.

Business Owner’s Toolkit - Finance, tax, legal information and much, much more.

Entrepreneur Help Page - Includes a master check list for starting a business. Choice of Entity choice guide and info on EIN and tax id.  Tips on running a business and things to consider when making your plan.

SBA - US Small Business Administration.  Many resources, tutorials, links, and more.

Small business Advisor - Information to help small and home based businesses succeed.

My Own Business - A site that includes tutorials and templates to help write a business plan.  Lots of good information on the various elements of the plan and your business.