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Tim Huck

Tim Huck - MU Student Entrepreneur of the Year 2012

The Mansfield University Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership has chosen Tim Huck as the 2012 Student Entrepreneur of the year. What makes Tim an entrepreneur? In addition to splitting time between classwork and clubs, Tim also operates a lawn care and landscaping business which he established in 2009. 

“I had a lot of background with this type of work,” Tim said. “I grew up on a dairy farm, worked on an organic farm, and shadowed a landscaper. After all this experience I decided I could do this on my own, so I went for it.”

When T. Huck Landscaping first took off, Tim only had six customers. Since then, his clientele has tripled. He says that while he hands out business cards, his main route of advertising is the small-town 'word of mouth', and he has a Facebook page that is up and running.

In the future, Tim wants to grow the business from being a ‘solopreneur’ by adding employees. Tim plans on completing his Elementary and Special Education degree and becoming a teacher.

Tim thinks that anyone can become a successful businessperson. “This may require an improvement of management skills or becoming a people person. Being a friendly, kind, genuine person sells and customers appreciate the respect” Tim said.The hardest part about having your own business is during job estimates, selecting and saying your wage to a customer, and handing out bills. I will frequently get butterflies in my stomach during these times because you never know how the customer/client will react. This was the hardest part to overcome, but I can't say that I have overcome it yet.”

"You have to be a good communicater."