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Tom Thorton

MU Student Entrepreneur of the Year - 2010

Tom ThorntonTom Thornton is a student at Mansfield University majoring in political science and minoring in business administration. He's also the president of the political science club and holds positions in both SGA and PRSSA. Despite being so involved in campus activities, Tom owns a successful business that he started in July of 2009. TTAudio is a car and home audio installation business that also does auto detailing. Tom decided to open his own business after being in the car detailing industry for over 10 years. He worked his way up through another company, learning all the skills he would need. When the economy went bad, he lost his job and decided to try to start his own business. He teamed up with a detail shop in Elmira, NY and now he's subcontracted to do their installations.

To all the students out there thinking about starting a business, he says, "do something you're already comfortable with." You'll have more passion for it and even if it gets hard you'll be more likely to stick it out until it gets better. He also suggests, "don't be scared of failure." There's no reward without risks.

 "Don't be afraid of failure."