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FDI Podcasts

Frederick Douglass, Civil Rights Pioneer

Frederick Douglass2/9/2010

Fredrick Douglass is a name well known, but how much do we really know about the man himself? Dennis Miller speaks with Dr. Lynn Pifer about Douglass and his influence on American culture and his impact on our society today.

Listen to Part 1

In Part 2, Dennis Miller continues his conversation with Dr. Lynn Pifer about the Civil Rights Pioneer, activist and author, Fredrick Douglass. She also speaks of her love and interest in African American literature.

Listen to Part 2

Harriet Jacobs, 19th Century Civil Rights Pioneer

Harriet Jacobs2/16/2010

Harriet Jacobs grew up as a slave, enduring sexual sexual abuse from her owner until she escaped by hiding seven years in a crawl space. After she fled North, Ms. Jacobs wrote her autobiography and became a driving force in civil and human rights. In Part 1 of Harriet Jacobs, 19th Century Civil Rights Pioneer, Dennis Miller talks with Dr. Lynn Pifer, Mansfield University professor of English and director of the Frederick Douglass Institute. Dr. Pifer discusses Ms. Jacobs’ early years and her drive to escape slavery at any cost.

Listen to this Part 1

In Part 2 of Harriet Jacobs, 19th Century Civil Rights Pioneer, Dr. Lynn Pifer talks about Ms. Jacobs’ adult years, her travels, her role in the abolitionist movement and how her autobiography was rediscovered after decades of obscurity.

Listen to this Part 2

Conversation with Former Slave

Francis Bok9/04/2009

Francis Bok was 7 years old when he was captured from his village in Sudan and taken as a child slave. He spent 10 years in captivity. Now, after a daring escape, he has written a book called "Escape From Slavery, The True Story of my Ten Years in Captivity and My Journey to Freedom in America."

In Part 1, Dennis Miller talks to Mr. Bok candidly about his capture, his escape and his dreams for the future.

Listen to this Part 1

He continues to talk about his experiences with Dennis Miller, in Part 2 of Conversations with a Former Slave.

Listen to this Part 2

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