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Essay Instructions: Choose one of the following questions and write a 500 word essay in response. Develop a point of view on the issue presented in the question and support your point of view using reasoning and examples from your reading, experience, and/or observations. Use one-inch margins, 12-point font, and double space your essay. Use MLA format for citing quotations. [See for the MLA style guide.]

Print out your paper, staple it, and bring it to your first FYS class.

1.Alexie's novel examines Junior's life in terms of his private, personal identity and how it at times conflicts with his broader social identity. Use examples from the novel to demonstrate how Junior negotiates these different sides of himself. You may briefly discuss a time in your own life when you also reflected on how you saw yourself and how others saw you or comment on the ways everyone faces times when they must move between a personal and social identity. Support your argument using specific examples from the novel, and cite them using MLA citation format.

2. In many ways one of the novel's major themes is loss. Write an essay in which you explore the various losses that Junior has to endure and discuss how he copes with those losses. (Because this is a short paper, focus on one or two representative examples.) How does Junior find the resilience to overcome these losses, and what can his example show the rest of us? Support your argument using specific examples from the novel, and cite them using MLA citation format.

3. All people must learn to adapt to their society's conventions in order to get along. Most of a society's rules are reflected in its written laws, but there can also be unwritten rules that guide human interactions on a more personal level. Think about the way in which Indians on the rez dealt with threats from other Indians. How did the "Indian/rez" way of dealing with threats differ from the "White" way that Arnold encountered at Rearden High School?  Why do you think there is a difference between the two? Support your argument using specific examples from the novel, and cite them using MLA citation format.

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