Commuter Lounge

Items currently featured for free use within the Commuter Lounge area:

  • Wall-Mounted Flat-Screen TV with accessible remote control
  • Microwave Oven
  • Full-Size Refrigerator/Freezer
  • Cabinet



  • Commuter lockers are available for the exclusive use of commuter students. These lockers are located near the Information Booth on the second floor of Alumni Hall Student Center (AHSC)
    • If you are interested in renting a locker, please see a Student Life staff member on the 3M level of the building
    • A locker rental form will be completed
    • A $10.00 deposit is required - payable in cash or check payable to CCSI
    • The deposit will be returned after inspection of locker & upon receipt of key (no damage to locker / no damage or loss of key)
    • Loss of key must be immediately reported to the Student Life office and will result in forfeit of deposit
    • The University is not responsible for items stored in the locker
    • Individual locker dimensions: Width 12" / Depth 16" / Height 17"
  • An ATM is available for use on the second floor entrance area of the AHSC
  • Numerous computers are available for use within the Jazzman's Cafe lounge area, which is in extremely close proximity to the Commuter Lounge/Game Room areas

Commuter Lounge

Updated commuter lounge space


Convenience Items

Microwave Refrigerator and Cabinet


Snack Machine (fee)

Snack machine in game room


Commuter Lockers

Commuter locker area wide view


Commuter Locker (close-up)

Commuter locker close-up