The Gateway Program

What is The Gateway Program?

The Gateway Program provides early access to higher education for students who demonstrate potential for success in college, but may lack the traditional evidence required for standard admission. The Gateway Program is a residential program complete with a meal plan and a commitment to weekends.

When is The Gateway Program?

The Gateway program is a six-week summer program for first-time college students. Participants live on campus and enroll in three credit-based courses. The classes are a blend of developmental, skill-based, and college level courses.

   Gateway Program Important Dates

   Move-in Day - Monday, June 29, 2015
   Program "Kick-off" - Tuesday, June 30, 2015
   Classes Begin - Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Who can participate in The Gateway Program?

Students must meet a minimum academic standard and may require an interview to gain acceptance into Mansfield University through the Summer Gateway Program. Students who may not meet regular academic standards may gain access through a required summer start at Mansfield University and the successful completion of the Gateway Program.

The degree program to which Gateway students are generally admitted, is the Associate of Arts in Liberal Studies (AA.LS). Admission into the AA.LS program allows for a seamless transition into one of the 70 degree programs Mansfield University has to offer. Once the minimum academic standards for acceptance into the respective degree program are met, students may declare their intended major.

How does The Gateway Program help you be successful in college?

The Gateway Program provides individualized tutoring, supplemental instruction, collaborative group experiences, learning opportunities inside and outside of the classroom, peer mentoring, academic advising by a professor, and finally, a wide  range of workshops that address emotional wellness, coping with change, and transitioning to college.

What is the Mission of The Gateway Program?

The Gateway Program provides students access to and support in higher education at Mansfield University. We offer a wide range of student support services that engage students in their academic development. The program promotes active student participation and individual responsibility as they assess and identify their academic goals and needs. 

What is the Vision of The Gateway Program?

The Gateway Program aspires to provide students with access to higher education with support for their personal and academic development and success, resulting in matriculation into an appropriate degree program at Mansfield University.