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Help continue the 160 year tradition of excellence at Mansfield University! There are many reasons to give to Mansfield University and the most important one is because you care about the future of our students!

Benefits of giving directly to Mansfield University:

  • All gifts given to Mansfield University stay at Mansfield University.
  • 100% of your gift is tax deductible.
  • Only gifts given directly to Mansfield University are guaranteed to reach MU.
  • There is no processing fee; the entire amount of your gift is used as per your wishes.
  • You are guaranteed an official tax receipt within 15 days of the receipt of your gift.
  • All donors receive an annual report that shows the impact of their gift to MU.
  • MU's alumni participation rate increases with a gift from each alum, but only gifts to the university count towards the participation rate. A high percentage of alumni giving results in larger gifts from corporations.
  • Mansfield University guarantees complete gift security and full donor confidentiality.
  • The state right-to-know law makes an exception for donor and gift information, see
    Ref. page 14, Section 708, subsection (13) which lists the exceptions to right to know including "Records that would disclose the identity of an individual who lawfully makes a donation to an agency unless the donation is intended for or restricted to providing remuneration or personal tangible benefit to a named public official or employee of the agency, including lists of potential donors compiled by an agency to pursue donations, donor profile information or personal identifying information relating to a donor."



Giving Levels at Mansfield University

Legacy Society
1857 Society
George William Butler 1857 Society
Founder's Society
President's Circle
Eastern Hill Club
University Club
Red & Black Club
Loyal Mountie Club