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What are the benefits of joining a Fraternity or Sorority?

Sororities and fraternities have been a part of Mansfield University for decades. These organizations are rooted in founding principles that foster academic achievement, leadership, community service, and life-long friendships. Greek organizations are groups of men and women who come together to form a personal network of individuals with similar ideals, interests, and a mutual pursuit of a well-rounded college education. Advantages include:

  • A support group to help make the adjustment to college easier.
  • Ability to network with students in various academic disciplines, courses, etc.
  • Scholastic resources to help students achieve their academic goals.
  • Leadership skills acquired through hands-on experience.
  • Encouragement to get involved and maximize potential on campus.
  • Opportunities for active participation in community service projects, campus events, and leadership programs.
  • National research has shown that involvement in sororities and fraternities increases students' chances of graduating from college, are more pleased with their collegiate experience, and are more likely to remain at the same school that they started at. 
  • Membership in a sorority or fraternity is for a lifetime.
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