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Program Course Descriptions

Course alternates are listed in parentheses below the course description.

HON 1111: Humanities I

An introduction to the Humanities by means of an interdisciplinary content drawn from such fields as literature, philosophy, theater, music, art and history.

HON 1112: Humanities II

A continuation of interdisciplinary concepts as stated above. Honors students beginning their program in the spring semester may take HON 1112 followed by HON 1111 the following fall if needed.

(MU 2220, History course if recommended by Ed Advisor, PHL 3380)

Students only need to take ONE lab-based science course: Either HON 1107 or HON 1108.

HON 1107: Macro Physical Science (Offered FALL Semester Only).

An introduction to motion and energy, astronomy, thermodynamics and sound. Student will construct laboratory apparatus from readily available sources to make measurements.

HON 1108: Micro Physical Science (Offered SPRING Semester Only)

An introduction to the atom, chemistry, electricity, magnetism and light. Students will construct laboratory apparatus from readily available sources to make physical measurements.

(Science and Nursing majors may substitute other lab science courses for their Honors Science requirement)

HON 2200: Researching Contemporary Issues

Course focuses on a series of case studies and/or class examples drawn from events of local, national and international importance with an emphasis on interdisciplinary research methods. Different departments offer Honors 2200 and may adjust the curriculum. Honors 2200 is normally offered once each academic year and is cross-listed with other departmental courses.

(NUR 3361)

HON 3301: Field Work in the Natural and Social Sciences*

Students work individually and collaboratively on field-based research projects in the natural and/or social sciences. Different departments offer this course and may adjust the curriculum. Honors 3301 is normally offered once each academic year and may be cross-listed with other departmental courses.

* HON 3301 is being phased out. Students entering the Honors Program after spring 2010 will take HON 4495 in its place. Students who entered the Honors Program before spring 2010 can take either course to fulfill this requirement.

(MU 4400, ELE 3301, ED 3320, NUR 4471; any 3-credit upper-level departmental course with Honors Contract)

HON 2255 and/or HON 4455: Honors Electives (6 credits)

Special courses drawn from across the curriculum designated as Honors Electives for THAT specific semester. These courses are cross-listed with other departmental courses. Courses change every semester. A student may elect (2) HON 4455, (2) HON 2255 or one of each. Check Web Advisor during registration period for selected courses. A maximum of one Honors Elective may be completed through an Honors Contract Elective. For more information on these, please read the documentation on the Desire2Learn site.

HON 4495: Honors Senior Project Seminar (1 credit)*

Honors students working on their senior project meet one hour a week with their instructor to discuss topics pertinent to the completion of their projects. Topics include: working with outlines, citation methods, presentation skills, finding community connections to assist in research/presentation of findings, etc.

* This course will replace HON 3301 effective fall 2010. Students who began the Honors Program prior to that date may use either course (HON 3301 or HON 4495) to satisfy that part of their Honors curriculum.

HON 4497: Independent Study: Senior Research Project

A research project related to the student’s major that involves at least TWO academic disciplines. The project must first be approved first by the Honors Program Director; it is then supervised by a Faculty Mentor. A formal presentation is scheduled before the campus community at the end of the semester. More information and forms can be found on the Honors Desire2Learn site.

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