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March Professional Development Opportunities




Communication Enrichment

Jack Canfield's Guide to Goal Setting Success, March 3 - March 24

 E-Campaign, CLICK to register!

Enjoy receiving five emails that will give you the tools that will hold you accountable for your own success at work, at home, and in life. These goal setting tools will help you strategize and minimize limitations, manage your productivity and down time, and develop an internal mastermind group that will help everyone achieve more of what they want out of work.    


Knock Your Socks Off Customer Service, March 4 - March 11    

Teleseminar Series, CLICK to register! 

In the first teleseminar, listen and learn the perceptions behind customer service, and identify and gain strategies to adapt your communication style. You will also gain problem-solving skills needed to trouble shoot customers' concerns. Part two will equip you with strategies on how to manage angry or irate customers (internal or external). Gain the skills of handling four types of difficult customers and managing your own emotional intelligence.

Career Management Re-invest and Re-engage, March 5

Webinar, CLICK to register!

Listen and watch this discussion about the basic careergoal—happiness, the "new" definition of career success, your personal brand, competing in the career marketplace, and the importance of passion and purpose.

Domestic Violence: Recognition and Resources, March 6

Webinar, CLICK to register!

Geared towards anyone wanting to help stop domestic violence, Shari Pirone will share when the label of domestic violence applies. She also will give viewers the ability to recognize potential victims of domestic violence and empower them with knowledge of the resources available for victims of domestic violence. Let's all serve as advocates for others in need.

Helping Yourself and Others Through Change, March 14

Webinar, CLICK to register!

Learn how to identify the difference between the change imposer and the change imposed. Explore strategies on how to move yourself and others through change. Understand the reasons for change adversity and how to take a proactive approach in making change easier on yourself and others. 


Health and Wellness Enrichment 

Your Journey to Health and Wellness with Dr. Jeff, March 12 - April 16 

Teleseminar Series, CLICK to register! 

Dr. Jeff Chamberlain, area chiropractor and WCU alumni, will share the secret principles to heal your body; strategies to reduce stress; how to strengthen and tone; how to boost your immune system, reduce lower back pain; and gain nutrition tips for health and energy.


Leadership Enrichment

Putting the "Perform" into the Performance Review Process, March 7

Webinar, CLICK to register! 

Watch and listen how to maximize the use of the evaluation forms and the performance discussions to reinforce appropriate behaviors and eliminate unacceptable behaviors. Learn how to handle difficult situations and how to word certain challenges and areas for growth in an official employee document and subsequent discussions.


Conducting and Participating in Effective Meetings, March 7

Teleseminar, CLICK to register!

Listen and learn how to love meetings and make the most out of every minute. Topics include the pros and cons of canceling a meeting; helping a leader have more productive meetings; ways to encourage attendees to arrive on time; handling someone who is disruptive; increasing participation; ideas for preventing the closed items from resurfacing; and addressing how long is too long.


How to Effectively Lead and Participate in Meetings, March 18

Webinar, CLICK to register!

In this 20 minute pre-recorded webinar, watch and learn how to make the most out of every meeting minute! Issues covered include: optimizing the meeting purpose (including pros and cons of canceling a meeting); facilitator and participant success factors; preparation and time boosters; and ways to ensure your message is heard.


Turn Around Performance Problems, March 26

Webinar, CLICK to register!

Have you ever created personnel "work arounds" or pushed problems under the rug until the bulge could not be ignored? Learn how that negatively impacts the rest of your department and your credibility in their eyes. Equipping yourself with the necessary tools and strategies can make a long term impact on your leadership and team.


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