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Professional Development Opportunities



Communication Enrichment

Drop the Curtain on Drama: Calm Down, Disengage, & Focus, November 19

Teleseminar, CLICK to register!

It's hard to be productive when you're embroiled in drama. Meggin McIntosh will help you calm down and put your focus where it actually matters. Learn about tools you can use to minimize drama; 7 mindsets and strategies to curtail your own (and others') drama; and how you can focus on what matters to you.

How to Become a Dynamic Networker, November 26

Webinar, CLICK to register! 

Master the components of dynamic networking, including dos and don'ts, examination and preparation, accessing your conversation, and discovering how to improve your skills.

Optimal Business Writing Skills, December 3

Webinar, CLICK to register!

Learn to identify the "pitfalls"of business writing and explore how to get started in the writing process.

Communication Muppet Style: Moving Right Along, December 10

Webinar, CLICK to register!

In a creative and whimsical way, learn the nine different Muppet communication styles in the workplace as well as the turn-on's and turn-offs of each style. After examining the strengths and limitations of each style, examine how to best flex your style to achieve the best possible outcomes.


Health and Wellness Enrichment 

De-Stressing the Holidays, December 2

Teleseminar Series, CLICK to register! 

Listen to insights and strategies to simplify the holidays and manage the anxiety that often comes with it - including tips that will help you throughout the year. 

How to Raise a Healthier Family, December 10

Webinar, CLICK to register!

Answer the question, "What is health?", master the keys to a healthier family, and learn how to get started on your family's journey to health and wellness.

Leadership Enrichment

Strengthening Your Leadership Backbone, November 12

Webinar, CLICK to register! 

Whether you are a current or aspirant leader, learn the 10 powerful strategies that will bring you and others around you greater credibility, power and influence at work using Susan Marshall's book, How to Grow a Backbone.

EntreLeadership (Season I), November 17 - December 8

Teleseminar series, CLICK to register!

The EntreLeadership Teleseminar Series (Season 1) is being re-broadcast by popular demand. This series delivers lessons on business, team building, and leadership from internationally recognized subject matter experts. Receive links to four weekly podcasts so you can watch, reflect, and act on the information. Also, share the enrichment with your employees. Make learning a part of your culture as we build on excellence!

Crushing Performance Management Myths, December 12

Teleseminar, CLICK to register!

Learn how to maximize performance evaluation resources and processes by dispelling its myths. Uncovering the truths can result in a culture of high level performance through strategic alignment, effective communication, and coaching, and self-assessment. 


Productivity Enrichment

Get Organized from the Inside Out, December 9

Webinar, CLICK to register!

In this 20 minute pre-recorded video, become empowered to identify, examine, and confront roadblocks to getting and keeping your space organized. Gain a foolproof method and action plan for customizing space to reflect who you are and what is important to you.


Personal Enrichment

Developing Good Judgment with Michael Boyes, December 17

Webinar, CLICK to register!

Michael Boyes of Credo Consulting helps viewers to understand the intuitive decision making process; know when and how to rely on intuition; and apply techniques for building intuitive decision making capacity.


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