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Mountaineer Leadership Program

What is MLP?

Mountaineer Leadership ProgramThe MLP is a non-credit leadership development program that you can join to learn about leadership, and practice leadership skills. You will earn certificates of achievement, too. The MLP is supported by the C. Charles Jackson Foundation.

There are three levels: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Work your way through them. Each level requires attending workshops and completing a follow-up writing assignment for each (don’t worry—we’ll help you). Bronze and Silver levels require six workshops each; the Gold level requires four workshops, plus a service project (with a mentor, so you’re not on your own).

Click here to see our MLP Gold Level Students for Fall 2009.

Top Six Reasons to Join the MLP:

  1. You’ll meet new people on campus. When you attend the MLP workshops, you’ll get to know other students that you otherwise wouldn’t see on your regular routine.
  2. You’ll learn about leadership (duh) and you’ll get to practice those skills. We expect you to use your skills and make a difference.
  3. It’s easy. To be in the program, you just have to attend an information session (start of each semester), fill out some paperwork and go to the workshops. Yes—it really is that simple.
  4. It’s free. No money. We provide everything you need. We can do this because of a grant from the C. Charles Jackson Foundation. You’ll get some gifts, too!
  5. It’s fun. The MLP students have a good time in the workshops and in the program. Each semester, we have a party to celebrate your achievement in the MLP.
  6. Employers want to hire people with leadership ability. You will give yourself a competitive advantage by completing the MLP.

How do I Get involved?