Mansfield University of Pennsylvania

Developing Tomorrow's Leaders


What MLP students say about the program:

Mountaineer Leadership Program“The Mountaineer Leadership Program has given me helpful information on being a successful leader; I truly believe everyone and anyone can make a difference.”

Mountaineer Leadership Program“Be willing to open up your mind to all the ideas you’ll be presented with of what a leader is, and then find within yourself that part of a leader that you represent. Take the skills you will learn and the ones you were already given and utilize them to help make a difference in someone’s life.”

Mountaineer Leadership Program“Thank you so very much MLP staff, you make a huge difference in people! I have learned through this program that I am a leader.”

Mountaineer Leadership Program“Leadership is stepping out of your comfort zone only to find out that you are everything you never thought you could be and so much more!”

Mountaineer Leadership Program“Before the Mountaineer Leadership Program, I was among the many who thought leaders were born. Now I know… leadership is developed, and practiced. I believe true leadership is embodied in the ability to serve those whom you are leading.”

Mountaineer Leadership Program“I am proud of my achievement in the MLP. It has definitely enhanced my confidence in leading others.”

Mountaineer Leadership Program“The MLP has helped me better manage my time, and make smarter decisions. It’s also helped improve my writing, which I didn’t expect!”

Mountaineer Leadership Program“The workshop presenters really care about what they are doing and it shows. I get inspired by every session!”

Mountaineer Leadership Program“Earning the certificates takes time and effort, but it is so worth it!”

Mountaineer Leadership Program“The MLP helped me meet new people when I started college and got me involved in campus.”

Mountaineer Leadership Program“I’ve been challenged to look hard at my strengths and weaknesses, and to find new ways to solve problems. It’s made me see new opportunities.”