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Articles of Incorporation

(Editor’s Note: The following is a copy of the Articles of Incorporation which
formed the foundation and parameters of the borough).



To the Hon Judges of the Court of Quarter Sessions
For the County of Tioga        State of Penn.

The undersigned petitioners citizens of the Village of Mansfield of Said County respectfully represent that they are desirous of having Said village incorporated into a Borough with the Incorporate style & title of the Borough of Mansfield to include and embrace the following described boundaries Beginning at the South west corner of Marcus Kelly’s lot on the East side of the Williamson Road and running along the east side of said Road South five degrees, east eight Rods and three tenth thence across said road and along the south line of J S Hoards lot southwest eighty seven degrees west thirteen rods to the south west corner of said lot thence along the west line of said J S Hoards lot north seventeen and one half degrees east eight rods thence north eighty two and one half degrees west forty three rods to the Tioga River thence along down the eastern bank of said River in a northerly direction Sixty two rods to the Bridge across said River on the road running from Mansfield to Wellsboro thence across said road and down said river on the east bank in a northerly direction sixty nine rods to a stake on the east bank of said River thence South eighty two degrees east fifty two rods across to the eastern line of the Tioga Rail Road thence along the eastern line of said road in a northerly direction one hundred an eighteen rods and three tenths to the line between the lands of Albert Sherwood and J M Phelps thence along on said line South eighty eight degrees forty four rods to the Williamson road thence across said road and along on the line between the lands of E Davis and H Allen South eighty eight degrees east twenty two rods to the north east corner of said Allens lot thence along on the line between said Davis and W Addams South eighty eight degrees east one hundred and eighty two rods and eight tenth to a stake thence along on the lands of said Addams South two degrees west twenty three rods and seven tenths to the north west corner of B Gaylord land thence along on the line between said Addams and Gaylord South two degrees west fifty three rods and five tenths to Corry Creek Just below the Bridge that crosses said Creek on the Elmira Road thence across said Creek and Road and along the west line of P Holdens South two degrees west twenty two rods and five tenths to the Corry Creek Road thence across said road and along the line between J P Morris and I Holden South two degrees west Eighty five rods to the lands of J S Hoard & Co thence across said lands South two degrees west forty one rods to the north line of D C Holden thence along said line north eighty eight degrees west ninety seven rods to the South west corner of M Kellys lot thence along the South line of said lot north eighty eight degrees west thirteen rods to the place of Beginning Your Petitioners therefore pray your Honors to give the premises in charge to the Grand Inquest for said County that such further rods may be had thereon as to your Hon shall seem most agreeable to the act of assembly in such case made an provide and they will ever pray

                                                                       Nov 28 1856

B M Bailey A Slingerland   O H Phelps
L Beach Jr  M L Peard  A J Howell
R P Buttles H G Lamb A J Ross
M A Congdon  J L Kelly  J Slingerland
W Hollands A Baldwin A Baldwin Jr
C W Nesbitt F J Caldwell W M Butter
A Ingals W P Parkary C Mellister
L H Elliott W H H Ide  S E Wilcox
J A Holden S W Stacy S Gustin
S B Elliott  A Shuart P Williams
E Davis Jr G R Holden E C Manning 
L Cummings G Crippen H Allen
J S Hoard H G Martin A B Canfield
M S Cook A Gaylord   J W Wheeler 
J M Cassela   E B Clark C F Swan 
C W Bailey T Smyth     E Comfort 
H H Lamb W M Borden P Gaylord
O Bailey D Aldrich H W Holden
E W Ross H Davis H G Smythe

the grand Inquest of Pennsylvania inquiring in and for the County of Tioga certify that after a full investigation of the facts in this case concerning proposed Borough as above that the conditions of the act of assembly in such cases made and provided have been complied with and believe it is expedient to grant the prayers to the petitioners as above

                                   (Sgd)  Alonzo Whitney         Forman Grand Jury

and now to wit Feb 13 1857 the Judgment of the Grand Jury that the conditions of the act of the 1st of April 1836 in relation to the incorporation of Borough have been complied with by the petitioners and that it is expedient to grant the prayer of the petitioners is confirmed and it is decreed that the said village of Mansfield shall become and be an incorporated Borough under the name and style of the Borough of Mansfield and shall hence forth be entitled to the rights privileges and immunities conferred by the Act of Assembly referred to and subject to such modifications as the Legislature have made by subsequent enactments or may hereafter make by the Court and the Court appoint the 27 day of March next as the time of holding the first Election for Borough officers of said Borough of Mansfield and direct that said Borough Elections be held at the house of O H Phelps in said Borough Court also appoint as Elections officers A J Ross Judge of Election and L Beach and S B Elliott inspectors and P Gaylord and J S Hoard Clerks and George Mudy Constable to give notice of the time and place of holding the Election By the Court  Feb 13 1857


Tioga County, SS

(Seal)                   I W D Bailey Recorder of Deeds in and for said County do certify that the foregoing is a true  copy of the article of incorporation of the Borough of Mansfield Recorded in Book No 26 pages No 698 &c the 21 day of Feb. 1857 Witness My hand and seal of the office this 10 day of March 1857

(Signed)  W D Bailey                       Recorder

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