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Basic ArcGIS® Level II

Earn The Marcellus Institute at Mansfield University's Basic GIS workshop Level II certificate in 6 weeks using ESRI's ArcGIS® Desktop, the World's leading GIS software. Master the basic fundamentals of the World's leading GIS software at your own pace through Mansfield University's online learning environment, Desire 2 Learn. Each module is individually paced and gated. Students will have access to 24/7 technical support and will share ideas and discussions with others.


The Program

Each module will prepare you for the topics and activities presented in later modules. Students must satisfactorily complete a module before proceeding to the next.

Module 1 Creating Data via Digitizing with ArcGIS® Desktop:
  • Digitize polygon features
  • Use advanced edit tools
  • Digitize point features
  • Digitize line features
  • Spatially adjust features 

Module 2 Geo-coding with ArcGIS® Desktop:

  • Geocode data by ZIP Code
  • Geocode data by street address
  • Correct source addresses using interactive rematch
  • Correct street reference layer addresses
  • Use an alias table 

Module 3 Geoprocessing with ArcGIS® Desktop:

  • Use data queries to extract features
  • Clip features
  • Dissolve features
  • Merge features
  • Intersect features
  • Union layers
  • Automate geoprocessing with Model Builder

Module 4 Intro to Spatial Analysis with ArcGIS® Desktop:

  • Buffer points for proximity anlaysis
  • Conduct a site suitability analysis
  • Apportion data for non-conterminous polygons
  • Final Student Project assingment

Module 5 Utilizing ArcGIS® Desktop 3D Analyst:

  • Create 3D scenes
  • Create a TIN from contours
  • Drape features onto a TIN
  • Navigate through scenes
  • Create a fly-through scene
  • Create a fly-through animation
  • Add 3D effects and use 3D symbols
  • Edit 3D objects
  • Perform a line-of-sight analysis
  • Explore ArcGlobe Web service

Module 6 ArcGIS® Desktop Spatial Analyst Extension:

  • Process raster map layers
  • Create a hill-shade raster layer
  • Make a kernel density map
  • Extract raster value points
  • Conduct a raster-based site suitability study
  • Use Model Builder for risk index
  • Submit final Student Project

Course Requirements:

1. Internet Access
2. Purchase of ESRI's GIS Tutorial I: Basic Workbook, 10.1 edition with 180 day trial/demo license for use on home/office computer.
3. Satisfactory completion of assignments for each module with a 70% graded score or higher.
4. Satisfactory completion of a mid-course quiz/evaluation and an end-course quiz/evaluation.
5. Development of an ArcGISDesktop mapping project.

Upcoming Courses:


  • Intermediate GIS
  • Advanced GIS


Basic ArcGIS® Desktop for Industry Professionals Level II

Dates: July 1-August 9, 2013

Fee: $250

Registration Deadline: June 21, 2013

For more information, please contact: or by phone at 570-662-4808

Meet The Instructor

Scott Zubek is a Geographic Information Systems professional with over twelve years of experience in utilizing AutoCAD/ArcGIS® technologies.

In May of 2000 he graduated from the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown with a Dual Bachelor of Arts Degree in Geography and History. In December of 2001 he graduated from
Florida Atlantic University's Department of Geosciences with a Master of Arts degree in Geographic Information Systems. Upon graduation from FAU, he has developed his career in a GIS support role in various fields such as Urban & Regional Planning, Land Surveying, EMS Services Support, Tax Assessment /Appraisal CAMA systems, Civil Engineering Technology, & higher level education. Currently, Scott is the Director of the GIS Services Department for Tioga County, Pennsylvania.

Scott is an inductee of the Phi Alpha Theta International Historic Honor Society in Academics and the Gamma Theta Upsilon International Geographic Honor Society in Academics. Recently, he has taught an introductory 4-credit core-course in GIS/GPS technology as an Adjunct Professor for the Geography/Geology Department of Mansfield University, Pennsylvania and is scheduled to begin teaching AutoCAD Civil 3D based courses by the Spring of 2014. He also currently holds a seat on the County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania's (CCAP) GIS Professionals Association of
Pennsylvania (GIS-PROS) Training Committee.