Press Release Details

Press Release Number: 1045

Incident Number: 14-000426

Release Date: 4/29/2014

Offense: Failure to evacuate building - fire alarm


Date/Time Reported

Date Reported Time Reported Date From Date To
4/24/2014 3:40 PM 4/24/2014 4/24/2014


Location Time From Time To
Spruce Manor 3:35 PM 3:40 PM

Person(s) Charged or Referred

First Name Last Name Age Gender
Melissa Wiles 21 Female
Kathryn Haywood 19 Female

Summary of Events

After responding to a fire alarm activation at the above location, police were notified by residence life staff regarding 2 individuals who allegedly had failed to evacuate the building during the incident. Both individuals were found to have remained in a lounge/kitchen area on the second floor during the entire alarm activation. Both individuals have been referred to the campus judicial officer for failure to evacuate the building as required.