Press Release Details

Press Release Number: 1037

Incident Number: 14-000428

Release Date: 4/25/2014

Offense: Underage alcohol, disorderly conduct

Grading: S

Date/Time Reported

Date Reported Time Reported Date From Date To
4/24/2014 9:15 PM 4/24/2014 4/24/2014


Location Time From Time To
Area to rear of Manser Dining Hall 9:15 PM 10:00 PM

Person(s) Charged or Referred

First Name Last Name Age Gender
Tori Ackley 19 Female
Anthony Jampo 19 Male

Summary of Events

On or about the above date, time and location University Police were investigating an unrelated incident in the area of the Manser Dining Hall. Police encountered ACKLEY and JAMPO and found both individuals to be under the influence of an alcoholic beverage and less than 21 years of age. ACKLEY is a current university student, while JAMPO is not. Both were charged with the underage consumption of alcoholic beverages. ACKLEY subsequently urinated in trash receptacle while in police custody and incurred an additional charge of disorderly conduct for that act. Judicial referrals will also be filed against both individuals.