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The study of political science provides an excellent basis to learn new skills and knowledge that can be applied in nearly any field. As a discipline, the focus of study is on the political process and institutions of various political systems, including the United States. However, the analysis of politics and government often involves other disciplines, such as history, economics, philosophy, sociology, anthropology, psychology, business, criminal justice, etc. This explicitly multi-disciplinary approach contributes to well-rounded graduates, which naturally leads them into a wide variety of careers. Moreover, the major emphasizes examining problems from multiple perspectives, attention to factual details, and the need to continually develop and revise broader theoretical ideas. This academic experience is later utilized by graduates in whatever careers they choose to pursue.

Let’s Talk Money

Research has indicated that political science majors do quite well in the job market in terms of salary. Relying on Pay Scale, Inc. for their sources, the Wall Street Journal found that political science majors (excluding those with advanced graduate or professional degrees) had a median starting salary of $40,800. However, what is more impressive is the significant increase in pay from median starting salary to median mid-career salary, which jumped to $78,200 or a 91.7% increase, which is among the highest of all majors.


Another report entitled, "What’s it Worth? The Economic Value of College Majors" by P. Carnevale, Jeff Strohl, and Michelle Melton, also studied the earning potential of various majors. The authors found that the median earnings for a political science major were $59,000. This study included PSC majors with advanced degrees. 


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