What Can I Study?

Why Study Political Science at Mansfield University

Our program does not prepare you for a career—it prepares you for many careers. PSC graduates develop a core set of skills that they apply to a wide range of careers after graduation. While some graduates pursue careers in fields directly related to politics (such as lobbying, law, or graduate studies), many graduates embark on careers that appear unrelated to politics. Some students are unsure about their future plans, which make an emphasis on building the general skills necessary for global competition all the more necessary. Our program is designed to maximize flexibility for the student in terms of interests and career goals—including students who are unsure about those goals. Students can emphasize a more global-oriented approach or a more US-based approach. We advise students carefully on an individual basis to tailor their courses—including the selection of minors—around their interests. Furthermore, for those interested in concentrating in a specific area within the discipline, we offer political science degree concentrations in Pre-Law and International Security. Find out more...

Undergraduate Degrees