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Chuck Colby, Associate Vice President


microfridgeThe MicroFridge combines a microwave oven, a small refrigerator, and a freezer compartment in one convenient, combination appliance.

It conveniently holds, stores and prepares all beverages, frozen foods, and microwave products that you regularly enjoy at home.

Many schools prohibit cooking in rooms due to real concerns over safety and fire. The microfridge's patented circuitry automatically cuts off power to the refrigerator/freezer when the microwave is turned on. So it never overloads a circuit.

It's a safe and convenient way to enjoy all of your favorite foods in your 'home away from home.'

Microfridges are provided in Oak, Hickory, Spruce, and Sycamore with the cost being included in your housing fee.

If you will be living in Maple Manor or Laurel Manor, you can reserve your MicroFridge by printing and filling out the following form.

Payment and submission instructions are printed on the form. Please note that payments are now taken through Mountie Money accounts only.

There are limited quantities of microfridges, and they are reserved on a first come first serve basis. Reserve your MicroFridge today!!


Fall Assignments are now posted! Please remember that these assignments are subject to change. If any changes are made to your assignment after July 1st, you will be notified via Mounties email.

To view your assignment and roommate information, log on to and select the link to My Housing. Then, select "GoTo My Housing" to be taken to My Housing Overview.