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Summer Session II Course Details

Global Art (ART-1107-01)

  3.00 Undergraduate Credits
 This course is full. No seats are available.
Course Term and Dates: Summer II (07/01/14 to 08/07/14)
Location: Manfield Universty Campus 123
Meeting Days and Times: MON TUE WED THU
02:00PM to 03:40PM
Instructor: Ms. Martha A. Campbell
Prerequisites: NONE
Corequisites: NONE
Department: Art
Course Description: A multicultural approach is taken in this course that integrates western and non-western traditions. This is pursued by an overview of the general history of image and form in painting, sculpture, ceramics, architecture, jewelry, etc. Through a thematic design, the course looks at visual creations from several angles encompassing the social, cultural, ethnic, historical, political, and gender.

Courses with insufficient enrollment may be subject to cancellation