About the Foundation

Established in May 1974, Mansfield University Foundation, Inc. was chartered as a separate, 501(c)(3) tax exempt not-for-profit organization. As the official foundation of the university, we partner with donors in their philanthropic efforts to support the strategic direction of Mansfield University to build a greater MU for future generations of Mounties. The Board and professional staff at the MU Foundation embraces our role in inspiring philanthropy and takes seriously our responsibility as stewards of private funds in support of MU. As such, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards and ethical conduct in managing donor's gifts.

State appropriations comprise only approximately 37% of MU's total operating expenses. Therefore, support from private sources plays a vital role in the activities of the university. The generosity of our alumni and friends influences the very fabric of MU, helping the university maintain its long tradition of providing excellence in education. The gifts we receive serve as links to the university's past, present and future ensuring the tradition of an MU education for future generations.

Independent Organization: As an independent nonprofit organization, this helps to ensure that gifts will be used as donors intended and will not be reallocated by the state. Moreover, it allows us to keep donors' personal giving and financial records private.

While we work in close collaboration with the MU Alumni Association, we are two distinct organizations.

Endowed Funds: Each year, MU Foundation transfers income from endowed funds, along with gifts from donors, to the university. The overall endowment is made up of approximately 200 individual funds. The overwhelming majority of these funds were restricted by donors and can be used only for the purpose designated by the donor. Endowed funds and other long-term investments provide ongoing and consistent levels of support for the university in perpetuity.

If you have any questions about endowments or would like additional information on establishing an endowment at MU Foundation, please contact us at 570.662.4852 or mufoundation@mansfield.edu.

Enduring Support: The long-term viability and strength of Mansfield University represents our greatest, unwavering goal. We endeavor to wisely invest funds, balancing risk and potential returns, with the goal of achieving the greatest possible surety of long-term financial support for the university. We endeavor to prudently manage our resources and stand accountable for our policies and results.

Our team: The activities and operation of the Foundation are guided by our Board of Directors, staff, students and volunteers who are tasked with raising private support for the University. We seek to attract and develop the best talent, value each individual's unique contributions and celebrate diversity. We promote a strong work ethic in a collegial atmosphere of collaboration, openness, professionalism and mutual respect.


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