Endowed Gifts

Endowed funds create a lasting legacy and provide a vehicle through which you can make your impact on MU last for generations. Endowed funds support students, faculty, programs or facilities in perpetuity or over an extended period of time, depending on your stipulations. The fund can be named after yourself, in memory or honor of a loved one, former faculty or mentor.

Creating Endowed Funds

You may establish an endowed fund with a minimum investment of $10,000. There is no minimum investment required to begin the process of establishing an endowment. It can be a one-time gift to establish the fund immediately or you can establish an endowment over a period of time, usually in five years, if this time is needed to achieve the minimum investment level for a new endowed fund.

Once the endowment level is reached, the funds are invested in the MU Foundation's pooled investment fund. A portion of the earnings is awarded annually to support the scholarship, facility or university program chosen by the donor.

You May Establish an Endowed Fund by

  • Donating cash - online or mail;

  • Donating securities;

  • Creating a planned gift such as an annuity, charitable remainder trust or through bequest;

  • A combination of the above

We would be happy to answer your questions about endowed funds and assist you in not only creating a legacy of your own at MU, but also provide perpetual funding for future Mounties.

Please contact Mindy Engel, Executive Director at 570.662.4852 or email at mengel@mansfield.edu with your questions.